Mon coup de cœur pour un groupe de funk talentueux et en pleine expansion: "THE FUNKY DRIVE BAND"

Born in 2008 the band is from the local stage of Lyon (South-East France).
They took part to the Funkysize compilation "Weird Jam Project" with the song "Lost Generation" in 2011.
They released their first LP "Dance Or Die" in their own independant label R.$.J.Recordz & Tapes in 2012.
Their styles are Funk, Boogie, Modern Soul and the main themes of the songs' lyrics are street life, society troubles, love stories, fun time, parties & music...
At the moment, the band is working on different concert dates & recording a new LP on R.$.J.Recordz & Tapes and 2 singles for the USA.

Bumpy T.T. (vocal)
Kongbo Godogo (vocal)

Sooheer (vocal)

Kuky Kamanda (vocal)

Dawn Eyes (vocal)

Shan (drum)

Omarr (bass)

Azzdeen (guitar)

Alan Push (synth)

Kâshif Kroch' (percussion/synth & boss)

Tams (sax)

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